Receive $250 Towards Your Child Care!

Hello, CSL Staffing associates!

Would you like to save $250 on the cost of one month's daycare?!? Of course you would!

Here's how...

If you don't already have a TOOTRiS account, complete the form below, you will be redirected to TOOTRiS' parent registration page. Simply complete your registration and you'll have access to thousands of quality Child Care programs in our network. Once you've been enrolled in a program for one month, TOOTRiS will automatically reimburse you $250 - it's that easy!

If you already have a TOOTRiS account and your child/children are already enrolled in a daycare or afterschool program, add them to TOOTRiS and you'll still receive the $250! Need help? Call us at (858) 923-5844 or email

Let's get started!


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Date last updated: September 9, 2021

How do I redeem my gift card?
1) Complete the form above & create your parent account, if you haven't already done so
3) Find and enroll into a weekly or monthly Child Care or after school program using TOOTRiS
4) Once you have met or exceeded $250 in enrollment fees, we will mail you a check in the full amount of your gift card, within 30 days of the start of your enrollment period

Redemption Rules

  • You must have an active TOOTRiS account with a registered address in the U.S., and a U.S. shipping address to redeem the Gift Card. 
  • Invalid or unidentifiable Gift Cards will not be redeemed.
  • One Gift Card per TOOTRiS account and the enrollment associated with the Gift Card’s use.
  • The Gift Card may only be used for an enrollment processed through TOOTRiS.

Please read our full Gift Card Terms & Conditions: